Savannah Connacher

What every South African NEEDS for a Heritage Day braai

For the ultimate Heritage Day braai, you need the three Bs – braai tongs, Blitz and beer – and these six South African staples.


If there's no biltong on your snack platter, you're doing it wrong!


You can't have a traditional South African braai without umphokoqo, a crumbly pap made of maize meal.



What goes best with a choppie on the fire? A classic charred, crispy, cheese, tomato and onion braaibroodjie, of course!


Monkey gland sauce

Can you really consider yourself a South African if you've never heard of this sweet and savoury delight?



South Africans love eating meat almost as much as they love braaing it. Boerewors, chops, steak, and sosaties have to be on your Heritage Day menu!

Milk tart and Malva pudding

You don't need to be a dessert person to fall in love with these classic South African sweet treats. 


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