Lerato Mkhondo

'Studying shows you are willing to grind'

Blitzbok JAMES MURPHY tells RugbyRocks.com about his passion for education and preparing for life after rugby.

I've already completed my BCom Economics and Management Science degree at Stellenbosch University. 

I'm now halfway through my CFP [Certified Financial Planning] but it's on hold while I put a bit more focus on rugby. I'm also busy studying for my FGASA [Fields Guides Association of South Africa] Level 1.

I'm extremely motivated to finish it. I'm passionate about the bush and it’s something I want to do after rugby if the opportunity arises.

At times, it can be very difficult to balance studying and playing rugby. When the days get long and intense, it's hard to find the energy to study effectively. One's social life also takes a bit of a knock.

My family and vision of my future keep me motivated. I'm not blinded to think that rugby is forever.

I've seen many people around me become financially successful. I've also seen what needs to go into achieving that success, so I want to be prepared as best I can.

Getting an education is extremely important as nowadays, the world is very unforgiving.

Whatever degree you get, studying is a true reflection of one’s work ethic. It shows you are willing to grind and it shows good character.

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