Spicy Plum: I married my best friend

It's STEVEN KITSHOFF's wife Aimee who really spices up his life, on and off the field. And he would have it no other way, as he tells MyPlayers Magazine.


Marrying your best friend is possibly the most important decision you will make in your life. You really need that one person who will be there for you in the good and the bad times; someone who sticks with you when you go overseas or when you’re away from home for a long time.

I married my best friend. In my life, Aimee is easily my biggest supporter. She wants what’s best for me and our future.


There was this moment shortly after the World Cup final in Japan when the enormity of it all hit home for the first time.

Aimee came up to me and, in a scene that went viral, looked me in the eyes and said, 'Jy het nou net die ****** Wêreldbeker gewen [you've just won the ******  World Cup]!'

I’ll never forget that moment between us – it was a true reflection of our relationship in the sense that Aimee has, for a very long time, been my pillar of strength and source of perspective.

She was there from the day I started playing Super Rugby, and she has been my biggest motivator ever since – because of her, I just want to be a better person and player from week to week.


When I’m away from home, we make a point of staying in contact, even when there’s a big time difference or issues with sorting out foreign data packages.

We have a telephone conversation at least once a day. We’ll keep a certain time during the day open for each other, so we know not to schedule something else in that time.

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