Sevens Series format change infuriates players, coaches

World Rugby faces a rebellion after making format changes to Sevens Series men's tournaments in order to accommodate women's tournaments. The recent Cape Town Sevens was held over three days, and not two, because of the addition of a women's tournament. While a women's tournament will also be played in Hamilton and Sydney for the first time, the events will remain two days long. As a result, the Cup quarter-final stage of the men's tournament will be scrapped, with the winners of the four pools progressing straight to the semi-finals. According to Rapport newspaper, players and coaches are furious about this and want to file an official grievance against World Rugby with the International Court of Sport Arbitration (CAS). One of the overseas coaches told Rapport: 'Players and coaches are angry. Not only do the changes negatively affect the draw for the Olympics, but it also jeopardises the integrity of the game and the enjoyment of playing. 'The players have no problems with the current format - where each team earns points in each tournament. 'The International Rugby Players Association [IRPA] is aware of the dissatisfaction and we are considering approaching CAS to get involved. It could also involve the Olympics committee. 'Unfortunately, all the decisions were made by a few individuals at World Rugby who ignored the advice and input of the players, coaches and high-performance managers in an attempt to take the series forward.' Full story