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Roxy Smit: John and I work as a team!

ROXY SMIT tells about her career and how her husband John has supported her throughout their journey. 

I studied to be a chartered accountant at the University of Pretoria. Once I completed my undergraduate, I went to Durban to do my honours. After qualifying as a registered CA, I worked at Deloitte for two years.

John's career started getting quite busy about three years into our marriage, which is when I fell pregnant with our firstborn, Emma. That's when I decided to take some time off work to raise our children. 

It was difficult putting my career aside during the busy years of John's career but at the same time, it wasn't. It takes a strong person to stay at home to raise your children. It is as hard a job as going to work every day. Women should never feel bad or as though they have failed. Everything changes and your time will come!

John and I have always worked as a team. He has always been extremely supportive of everything I do. If I felt that I needed to work during that time, we would have made a plan. He always made me feel like my role was just as important as his – he was and still is extremely grateful. 

When our son Tyron was about three months old, I decided to do my masters in tax, which took about two years. I finished up my thesis when we moved to London where John played for Saracens.

We eventually came back to South Africa and I decided to acclimatise for about a year.

The next step was to buy a business! We looked around for a while and eventually came across an awesome opportunity. 

John and I decided to buy a branding business called In Gear Promotions. It operates in Durban but we have clients all over the country.

We specialise in advertising, sourcing and supplying businesses with custom-made promotional clothing and advertising gifts.

We thought it would be a great business to get involved in because we have a large number of contacts and know a lot of people who utilise branding companies for things like races. We considered a lot of options but In Gear seemed to match our lifestyle and strengths.

I got back into the finance world again when we moved to Pretoria. I'm currently working for Richmark Holdings, an investment holding company. It's going really well!

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