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Modelling takes Cheetahs captain out of comfort zone

RUAN PIENAAR tells RugbyRocks.com about doing a fun family photoshoot with the I Love BFN T-shirt brand.

The overall experience of the shoot was great! It's not something we're used to or comfortable with, but everyone who was there made us feel at ease and it was really fun.

It was even more special to do it with my family and made it all a lot easier. You don't always get to do something like this with your wife and kids.  

My kids were pretty easy. OK, the boys not always, but my daughter, Lemay, is always up for photos and videos. Lemay loves the camera, so she was more than happy to cooperate and get a few shots!  

The I Love BFN brand has taken off very well.  

Obviously, Bloem is a sports community and everyone looks out for each other. I think that’s what the brand is about – to show support for each other and local businesses.

It’s a clever way of showing people from Bloem that if we work together, things can be a lot better.  

It was great to be a part of the initiative and I enjoyed every moment of it! 

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